About Me

Currently, I am a 10th-grade student at a Jesuit private high-school in Maryland. Since I was about 12 years old, I have been interested in computers and computer science, how/why computers work, and how/why computer programs work. At age 12 I started taking action in my interests and started to teach myself programming. I jumped onto some online courses and started teaching myself HTML. I made a very basic website and continued making variations of it and editing it for following weeks after completing the course. I continued practicing and getting comfortable with HTML. From there, I started learning Python. I got comfortable with if/else statements, variables, while statements, and for loops. After completing the first section of the Python course, I ventured into making games with pygame, and making applications like simple calculators and weather apps using Tkinter and online tutorials. From there, I wanted to make more complex games. So I found Unity and headed back to the internet to learn C#. After taking a few online lessons and watching some tutorials on YouTube, I eventually created a few 3D and 2D games, and I continued making simple games and further learning python and making websites through middle school.

Freshman year of high school, I took computer science as an elective and received an A for my overall year grade. Come 10th grade, I elected to take introduction to programming my first semester, where we worked with the turtle module, conditions, and other basic module. I finished that class with an A, and continued on to Programming 2, where we are currently working more in depth with lists and arrays. This year I also started working with Mr. Steve Morrill, Head of Technology & Cyber Science at Loyola Blakefield. Mr. Morrill introduced me to the Cyber Science Initiative program, where I have been working with him in learning and getting familiar with Linux, networking, and cyber security. Before I graduate, I plan to be certified in CompTIA Network+, Linux+, and a few more undecided. I also hope to achieve the cyber science certificate on my high-school diploma, and will continue personal projects further advancing myself in various programming languages and the Linux operating system.

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